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Sydney’s Best Beaches

If you’re hitting the beach this summer and looking for the perfect one in Sydney, here are my top four you must visit. And no, Bondi is not one of them.

Some of these beaches are a little out of the city though, but when it comes to beaches, that’s the way I like it. Free parking, less crowds, oh and trees. I love me a good beach with trees, which is why I haven’t added Bondi to this list.

Curl Curl Beach:

North of Manly, Curl Curl is one of the very few beaches left around Sydney where you can still take your dog. It’s a beautiful beach too and you can have a lot of fun watching all the dogs have a ball in the waves; if you don’t mind that kind of thing. Even if you don’t have a dog, watching them play in the water is pretty entertaining and unlike many other Sydney beaches, the sand isn’t overcrowded with bodies, so you always guaranteed a great place to sit.

Freshwater Beach:

Located between Manly and Curl Curl, Freshwater Beach is a beautiful parkland like beach, where there is plenty of grass and many beautiful trees to take shelter from the sun. I love me a good tree like beach, which is probably why I like the tropics so much, where the rainforest literally meets the sea. Freshwater Beach is part of the Queenscliff area, so plenty of great cafes around too, that is if you want a nice cold coffee whilst chilling by the water.

Palm Beach:

Of course, if you are willing to drive out of the city more than forty minutes (give or take), then I highly receommend a visit to Palm Beach; where they film Home and Away, But that is not why I recommend this beach. There are loads of great things to see and do at Palm Beach, like a visit to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. There are also plenty of great cafes around for a great feed and the drive up to Palm Beach is a spectacular one also, with loads of beautiful places to stop and visit along the way.

Clovelly Beach:

Only fifteen to twenty minutes south of the city, Clovelly Beach is my top pick for a Sydney beach and I would out this beach above Bondi any day. It’s quieter than most and very scenic, with plenty of parking; unlike many other Sydney beaches. It’s a convenient location too, as the beach is boarded by two other great beaches; Bronte and Coogee. But if you would rather only deal with local residents at the beach, then that of too many tourist, then I would stay with Clovelly Beach, as it’s mostly people from the area swimming and sun baking there.

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