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5 Places You Must Visit in Liverpool

It may not be London, but Liverpool still has many amazing places to visit. These are my top five places to visit.

If you read my last blog, you’ll know I’m in love with Liverpool and really enjoy spending time there. From the vibe, to the activities and the people, there’s something real special about this groovy northern English city. So, here are my favourite five things to do there.

Visit the Beatles Museum:

This is a must, I mean you are in Liverpool after all. Where it all begun for The Beatles. The museum is worth every penny; which is about 14 pound. Well it was when I went; not sure if that’s changed. From start to finish, the museum follows along the entire story of the Beatles. Starting from when John Lennon was just a small boy, to his death in New York City. The museum is called The Beatles Story, and it’s located at the historic Albert Docks.

Take a walk along on the Promenade:

Sometimes, the best sightseeing can be done, walking through a lonely seaside park, listening to the seagulls call out across the waters, whilst enjoying fresh air and getting some chilled out exercise at the same time. Otterspool Promenade, is an awesome location to do all that. I caught a cab to the main park area of the promenade, and then slowly made my way, all the way back to Albert Docks. There are heaps of historic things along the way to see, and a nice change of pace from walking the city.

The Cavern Club:

If you don’t mind being squished in a typical English pub/club, to listen to some pretty awesome live music, then the Cavern Club is definitely the place to go. Mostly due to it’s history. This is where it all happened for The Beatles – where history was made. And for many other bands too, like Queen. A little warning though, it gets really really packed, and there isn’t a great deal of sitting space.. I didn’t spend much time there, as I am not a huge fan of crowds. But, it was still enjoyable, and the vibe is pretty awesome there.

Ditch the maps and take a stroll:

Grab the camera, leave the map in the hotel room; or wherever you may be staying, and just take a walk through the streets. You will be amazed at what you will find. Stay away from where all the general shops are though, and hit the outer streets of the city, where the old meets the new. There are streets of ancient architecture melded with modern streetscapes, which makes for great photographs. Liverpool is filled with amazing historic buildings, all of which hold great tales and stories of a long lost era. So, don’t just stick with the general sites, like the Albert Docks – make sure to take the back streets and you will be amazed at what you’ll discover.

Explore the underground tunnels:

Everywhere you go in England, it seems their cities are filled with underground tunnels, holding onto stories of murder, corruption or wine and people smuggling, from the early 1700s; maybe even earlier. In Liverpool they are known as the Williamson Tunnels, and it’s surprising to know, that not many people who live in Liverpool know much about them, nor have they visited them. And they are pretty fascinating, and worth a visit. These particular tunnels are a labyrinth laying beneath Edge Hill, and where built under the direction of eccentric businessman Joseph Williamson between 1810 and 1840. Many interesting artifacts have been found in the tunnels.

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