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Outlander: Exploring The Scottish Highlands

If you’re a fan of the television show Outlander, then you must book yourself a self driving trip through the highland mountains of Scotland.

I had only been to Scotland once before, and that was to visit Edinburgh and Stirling. This time around; when visiting again with my partner, we added the Scottish Highlands to the list, and in particular The great Lochness.

And although we didn’t find any monster lurking in the dark waters of the Lochness, it was the most spectacular sight to see. I’ve dreamed of visiting the Lochness since I was a child, so to finally visit was just the most amazing experience.

Next time I visit Scotland (as I’m pretty sure I’ll be back), I definitely want to stay in one of the cute little waterside villages along the Lochness.

Edinburgh is an easy city to fall in love with, from the people, to the food, the history and of course the stunning architecture, it’s a difficult place not to fall in love with. So, of course it makes sense the rest of Scotland would also be just as stunning and friendly. And, it really was.

Especially as you started to head further north towards Inverness. Of course, being a huge fan of the book series Outlander (and the now television series), I couldn’t resist sneaking in a few iconic places from the story to visit.

If you are ever travelling to Scotland, whether it be to Edinburgh, or Glasgow, I seriously recommend renting a car and driving up north through the highlands. My only advise is, to make sure it’s spring or summer when you do this.

We went in Winter, and although the scenery was spectacular, with snow everywhere. It was super cold and difficult to enjoy a lot of the scenic drives through the highlands, as it was just snow, snow and then more snow LOL. A lot of places were also closed for the season because of this, especially in the smaller towns.

I’d love to go back in springtime, when you could do more exploring and I would also stay overnight in a lot of the cute little highland towns. They were super adorable in the snow, I can only image what they would look like in the spring.

Culloden Battlefields
Sunrise over the Lochness
Highland Countryside
Highland Countryside
Waterside villages of Lochness

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