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My Top 5 Experiences of Things to do in New Zealand

There are so many places to see and experience in New Zealand, these are my top five.

I love New Zealand and have travelled there more than a few times in my life so far. From the people, to the land and the activities available there, the country has a lot to offer and most people don’t realise how stunning the landscape is until they arrive, and not do they realise how many amazing activities are available there.

From white water rafting to bungy jumping, New Zealand is world renowned as the country to go to when you’re looking for adventure and adrenaline on your holiday. For me though, I prefer my holidays to be a little more grounded doing winery tours, forest walks, history trails, and even horse riding, rather than jumping out of planes or bungy jumpy off cliffs LOL.

If you are like me and prefer a holiday a little less adrenaline based, check out my top five experiences to try in New Zealand.


It may seem expensive, but it really is worth it, especially if you are Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit book and movie fan. But you know what, even if you aren’t a fan of the movies and books, you will still appreciate a visit to Hobbiton. You literally step out from reality and into Middle Earth from the story, surrounded by little lambs, beautiful rolling green hills and real-life hobbit holes built into the hills. Hobbiton is located in a town called Matamatta on the north island of New Zealand.

Click here for more details on Hobbiton.


So many people favour horse riding on sandy white beaches. For me, I prefer to ride through valleys surrounded by the snowy alps. In Glenorchy there is a horse riding company called Dart Stables. They do the best horse riding tours. Now, it was several years ago when I went horse riding with them and we did a specialised Lord of the Rings Ride; which is no longer in operation. However, Dart have since advised me they do still have a similiar ride to some of the previous location and a few other, the name of the tour is just different.

Click here for more details on Dark Stables. Or read my previous story where I went on a Lord of The Rings Horseride with Dart here.


Love coffee, love history, love colonial buildings? Then you will fall in love with Arrowtown. Arrowtown is located about hour and a half to two hours from Queenstown and is a must-see town to visit whilst in New Zealand. Driving through stunning landscapes of mountain scenes and large and ancient trees before being welcomed by the colonial town, where the main road is lined with old oak and liquid amber trees, Arrowtown was once a Gold Rush town. There are many great historical sites to see there and the colonial buildings are beautiful.

For more on Arrowtown, click here.


Located near the tip of the north island of New Zealand is a haven of beautiful beaches, mountains, forests and landscapes called Coromandel. Here you can catch flatheads on the beach (if you enjoy fishing), wait for the tide to fall back to go pippy hunting (which is a type of shellfish), go trekking through the mountains, or find a quiet hot spring to detox and relax. It’s quite and removed from civilisation just enough to allow you enjoy a break from busy life, but still connected enough where you can get cellular service.

For more details on Coromandel, click here.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper New Zealand travel guide without making mention of the most iconic place to visit there, Rotorua. If it sounds a little mainstream and outdone, don’t be discouraged as there are plenty of non mainstream things to do there. And, with their hot springs being known world-wide, you must make sure to add this spectacular place to your places to visit itinerary list. They even have their very own Redwood Pine park, which if you don’t know what they are, they are the biggest pine trees in the world and simply stunning.

Click here for more details on Rotorua.


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