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Exploring the Haunted Helensburgh Tunnel – Part 2

We went back to the haunted Helensburgh tunnel of the south coast.

Although I didn’t feel any ghostly presence, I was a little spooked at the sheer and utter darkness of the tunnel – eek!

Of course, we still didn’t make it to the end of the tunnel (sad face), due to the ongoing bush fires which are happening around greater New South Wales. this resulted in a lot of the smoke drifting into the old railway tunnel, and as the tunnel is blocked off at the end, there’s really nowhere for the smoke to go.

We were worried if we made it to the end, we could end up in serious trouble from inhaling all the smoke. Especially as you could hardly smell it. Not a good way to end a very spooky Halloween, if we got trapped.

I did video the whole experience though, so you can see we made it a lot further than the first time. This time we made sure to have the right shoes and clothing, and most importantly we took lights with us, which we didn’t have last time.

Click here to read about the first attempt I the tunnel and click below to watch version two.


Version three (once the smoke has gone) coming soon.

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