match your beauty to your star sign

Match Your Skincare to Your Zodiac Sign

Get aligned using skincare products which match your zodiac sign.

Everyone is talking about it and I’m sure you have to. The concept of crystal energy, zodiac energy and the use of essential oils to match all that too.

Possibly stemmed from all our time in lockdown and looking for ways to enhance our zen through skincare and meditative routines to boost health, keep skin young and keep our bodies fit, it seems like everyone is now on the crystal energy, beauty and zodiac, essential oil bandwagon.

Of course that includes me as well. I dabbled a little earlier in the year with beauty which works with star sign, on the concept that certain ingredients work with your energy levels to give you the best harmonious skin routine ever.

And now branching out from that, the focus is becoming more in depth, chatting about crystals in beauty and crystals for you star sign.

So, it made sense that today I would write about the right type of skin type to match your zodiac.

Of course I won’t be giving you any product recommendations. Mostly because products can change rapidly, along with your mood. The concept of this whole matching skincare to your zodiac sign is more about seeking products which work to enhance your personality.

But be mindful. Despite the fact that we aren’t all multi-personality like the mark of the gemini, we do all do essentially have two personality. Once created naturally from our zodiac sign and the other is a creation of our characterised which is generally a reflection of life experiences which forms assist in the forming of your personality.

Although you generally start with Aries when running through star signs. I am a little OCD and like to start from the beginning, so I will be starting with January – the Capricorn.

Capricorn: You are patient and careful of this zodiac sign. So be mindful of the products you use and steer clear of anything which is loaded with too many ingredients, such as many supermarket brands which have a bucket load of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. This works with your careful side in choosing the right, honest products for your skin type.

Aquarius: Original and inventive, peeps born of this sign should look at new makeup products which are developed from newly researched beauty concepts. Such as hydrating translucent powders which highlight the skin to mascaras which naturally help grow your lashes without extensions.

Pisces: You are compassionate and kind and often you don’t really care too much about the ingredients in your products. But you should take care as the water sign is strong with you Padawan. Your body will absorb all that you put in it, much like the ocean, so start using chemical free cosmetics so your body can breath easier.

Aries: Adventurous and energetic, Aries peeps should look for products which bring our your creative side. Look for eyeshadows which are shades you wouldn’t normally wear, like fiery oranges and deep red lipsticks to enhance your passion.

Taurus: Warmhearted and loving, Taurus peeps should look for products which have been infused with rose. This will help nurture the love and give your skin a deep scented amount care which will help you channel and extend those emotions to others.

Gemini: Being youthful and lively, anyone who is a gemini should seek out products made from all natural ingredients. Such products made with organic and natural ingredients will help you channel your inner child and enhance your youthful playful nature.

Cancer: Emotional and loving, the best types of products anyone who is born of cancer, should be that which has been made with lavender and Rosemary. Both of this deep scented herbs will balance out the emotions and nurture the loving, allowing you to control your feelings better.

Leo: Generous and warmhearted, anyone who is a Leo is generally thought of as the lioness of her pack; whether that be family or friends. You are very protective and love being surrounded by close friends and family. Look for citrus products which contain lime, lemon and orange which will enhance your generosity to all your loved ones.

Virgo: Although headstrong and independent, deep down inside the Virgo is a modest and shy individual, so products which create confidence works best. Such as fragrances of sexy notes such as musk and sandalwood, which will help you feel less shy and boost self esteem by turning heads with a signature scent.

Libra: Being a romantic and charming in nature, look for floral scented candles and tropical scented body products. These will channel your inner love allowing you to enhance your spirit, sharing love and harmony with a charming personality and easy going attitude.

Scorpio: Powerful and passionate, peeps born of the scorpion sign can really rock the smokey eye look, using dark shaded grey tones for eye shadows and natural coloured sultry lip stains for a sexy rock goddess look. Stay away from reds though, as they will portray the wrong image with you passionate nature. If you get my drift LOL.

Sagittarius: Peeps of this star sign are honest and straightforward, so stay with products which are straight up in their design and development. This means no fuss skincare, such as naked beauty with no plastic and look for the products which have less than more in them. Such as botanical infused skincare which only has a few key ingredients in it.

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