It’s a Dogs Life: The RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Spent an amazing Sunday morning walking with hundreds of dogs and their owners to raise money for the abandoned.

Every year, the RSPCA hosts an amazing fundraising event across the country, where thousands of dog owners, dog lovers and RSPCA members, join together in an effort to raise awareness and funds to support the millions of dogs who are abandoned yearly.

The event is also a great way for any dog lover to meet dogs on the walk who are sponsored by the RSPCA and looking to be adopted.

I go every year, and it’s the sweetest event to be part of, with so many interesting dogs (and owners), and to be part of such a rewarding event.

You can either pay a small fee to take a walk with the dogs, and if you don’t have your own dog, borrow a friends or volunteer with the RSPCA to walk a dog in their care who is looking for a home.

There is also an option to create your own fundraiser, where you ask friends and family to sponsor you on the walk and raise money to help support the cause.

As I’m a cat owner and not a dog owner, every year m, I go the event with my bestie and walk with her dog, along with her family and their dog. It’s both a rewarding and fun experience, seeing how much fun all the dogs have socialising with other dogs and having a ball in the process.

Of course, a stop for a dip in the water as we take the walk is a must for most of the dogs and it’s a funny sight to see all the Labradors escape from their owners and make a break for the water.

Next year, I highly recommend you go. It’s such a great experience.

I go to the walk in Shoalhaven, which is on the south coast of NSW, around the Wollongong area. It’s so beautiful there, walking along the water.

To check all the locations, register your interest online with the RSPCA Million PAWS Walk for 2020 and check the nearest location to you. You won’t regret the fun you’ll have when you go.

This post has not been endorsed by the RSPCA.

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