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How To Have a Mindful Morning

Starting your morning with a mindful practice will help you start your day more gratitude and respect for both yourself and others.

Follow these one-minute mindful routines in the morning to start your day, and you will not only feel more powerful and centred, you will also set an intention of good vibes only for the day. Especially when you start on a Monday.

I know I know, I can hear the little voice in your heads from here already, coming up with excuses about how you don’t have time in the morning and there is no way you can do any mindful practice in the morning before getting off to work, or getting the kids to school (if you have them).

But here’s the thing, what if you woke up that extra ten minutes earlier than normal, before the rest of the house woke up, so you did have the time. And not just any type of time, but peaceful time, to practice mindfulness, before the rest of the house wakes up – to set the intention for the day.

The older I get, the more I realise how much better my day travels, when I wake earlier (specifically before the rest of the house does), set my intention for the day, when the house is quiet. And how much better I deal with all the life stresses around me, after setting my own intention of mindful practicing in the morning.

And, the best part, it literally only takes me a few monies (sometimes less) to get that intention going so I can have a mindful morning and a better day ahead.

Here’s a simple guide to developing a more mindful morning. Oh, and you don’t have to do all of these every morning. Pick one and do on e a day for the week.


Take a moment to think about the thing or the person you are grateful for in your life right now. All it takes is a small minute to say thanks and acknowledge why you are grateful for them or that one thing that makes you feel grateful. By showing some small appreciation for that one thing or person, you naturally rewire the brain to be more happy in the morning than sad (or unhappy).


These should become part of your daily routine, as soon as you wake in the morning. When you rise, stretch your arms into the air and breath in the air being thankful for there day. Then focus on all the positive energy around you and dispel any negative thoughts that may try to break through after you wake up. Leave them behind and focus on the many reasons you have to be happy for.


It sounds simple, but breathing and ensuring you’re breathing right will help set your intention for the day. When you breath right your body can counter any mental stress attacks, negative energy, or anything else the days throws at you. In-fact focusing on your breathing is something you should be mindful throughout the whole day. This will help you stay focused and motivated, dealing with stress and anxiety from life.


Water is the foundation of life. Did you know the body can survive for long periods of time without food? But it won’t last very long without water. Water is water keep the energy flow through your body. By keeping the body well hydrated, your mind can remain clear and your organs stress free to protect you against any attacks, whether they be on a physical to a mental level.


Though this one may seem a little more challenging in the morning, it can be something done if you use public transport to travel to work in the morning. Instead of staring down at the mobile phone for hours whilst on the train or the bus, take a notebook and pen and spend some time writing down what you’d like to achieve for the week. It could be small things like more exercise, or waking up early to practice more mindfulness. Anything to help you feel and be better.

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