how to enjoy a budget christmas

How To Enjoy Christmas on a Budget

Here are my top five lifestyle hacks for enjoying Christmas on a budget.

Christmas can be such a difficult time for some many people financially. However, there are ways to still enjoy Christmas on a budget.

You don’t need to throw money around and spend big to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Often the most personal time spent with family and friends and the most thoughtful (non expensive gift) is the best way to spend Christmas – and all without having to spend too much money.


Instead of spending money on lavish gifts, which will either be forgotten about in a few days, used up in an hour or increase your credit card to MAX.

Try making your own Christmas gifts for family and friends. This could be a candle, a lip balm, a printed t’shirt or coffee mug or even a cute Christmas ornament which will can be used for many years to come.


Instead of booking a restaurant for your annual Christmas catch up with friends, why not stay in and host a dinner party instead. I know what your thinking “but that will cost more than going out for dinner.”

Actually no, it won’t. And you can enlist your friends to all bring something each. Someone can do entree, someone does dinner, someone does dessert and then someone can do nibbles.


Christmas doesn’t have to always be about serving up a massive turkey or ham with an endless supply of veggies and salads; or seafood platters for that matter. Sure, we all love a traditional feast this time of the year, but sometimes it just costs WAY too much.

Pack a picnic of fun foods, like turkey and cranberry sandwiches with Swiss cheese (yum) and a cheap (but good quality) bottle of red and white, hit the beaches or a nice park somewhere and take some games to play for a nice budget still, but still fun Christmas.

TIP: If you like in the city of Sydney, on Christmas eve, go exploring through all the great decorations in the city and then pick a cool spot to sit and have a picnic.


Okay, so the title might sound a little negative. But, what I mean by skipping Christmas is, tell your extended family and friends you are staying in this year to relax, unwind and enjoy the time you have with your own family (or dog and cat if that’s the way you roll).

Sure, Christmas is all about family. However, it’s also a time for you to reflect on the year that’s past and focus on what’s to come in the new year. So, don’t feel pressured by the idea you always have to play it BIG at Christmas and catch up with everyone. There’s always the new year to set time to see all your family and friends also.


Sure, a stroll through Myer and David Jones this time of year can make it hard to resists buying anything. From their glamorous trees to their luxury styled candles, the urge to NOT buy anything is difficult.

However, these days there are so many great alternative options for decorations which are just as good as any luxury Christmas item. Big W, Target, even Kmart, all sell beautiful (and affordable) decorations which give the big brands a real run for their money.

Or maybe try making some of your own decorations instead.

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