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Exploring the South Coast of New South Wales

If you’re looking for somewhere to explore this weekend, look no further than the south coast of New South Wales.

Sometimes we are so busy spending time exploring countries overseas, we forget to explore what’s literally sitting on our doorstep.

We spend so much time experiencing social media envy created by influences sharing their worldly travel pics online, of shopping in New York, sun baking in Greece and sipping coffee in Italy, we get ourselves so caught up dreaming of what we wish we were doing overseas, and forget about what wonderful places we can explore right on our doorstep.

And it’s easy really, to explore what’s in your own backyard. Whether it’s in walking distance from where you live, or an easy hour train ride, grabbing a local tourist map and marking out places of interest to go and explore, really is a great way to explore on a budget and get to know your own country better.

When it comes to travelling in Europe; a place I wish to explore for the rest of my life (if possible), I have really only scratched the service.

I dream of one day spending a year travelling from Spain, to Russia across Europe, exploring all the wonderful places many of these old countries have to offer.

But, until I get there I’m spending some time getting to know my country better, one piece at a time, starting with what’s literally sitting on on the back door step.

First step, exploring the south coast of New South Wales. WOW, what an amazing treat. The south coast offers so many amazing activities, just south of Wollongong. Including Macquarie Pass National Park; a stunning landscape of mountains covered with a sub-tropical rainforest bushland of sorts and a beautiful place to visit.

So, if you’re feeling stuck for ideas (and money) on where to travel. Make sure you check out what is nearby first and start exploring. Small travels, always lead to the big ones. And don’t forget to have fun.

national park

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