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Exploring Scotland: Searching for the Lochness Monster

Two years ago I went on a hunt for the Lochness Monster in Scotland.

And although I came up empty handed, since my visit, there have been multiple sightings by locals and tourists of a mysterious creature lurking in the Loch.

In 2017, there were officially eight recorded sighing of Nessie in the Loch, which is a lot in one year. Three sightings were in June, one in May and one in April and were all deemed “official” sightings. In August friends on holiday in the area, saw a creature rise and arch out of the water. And in October, a woman on her honeymoon spotted a  strange creature swimming in the water.

The eighth sighting was by a Dr Jo Knight from Lancaster University, who took a photo of a strange fin in the water when she visited with her nine year old.

Although I have already blogged about my adventures at the Loch, I thought it was worth mentioning again, due to the increased sighting seen in the last year.


If you have ever dreamed of exploring the Scottish Highlands and sailing the Loch, now is the best time to go. Whether you believe in Nessie (the Lochness Monster) or not, the Scottish Highlands is a scenic wonder of rugged mountains and pristine waters shrouded in mythical splendor.

It’s no wonder the people of Scotland have dreamed of strange creatures luring in the water. When you set your eyes upon the incredible landscape of the area, it’s easy to dream up white knights fighting fire breathing dragons; or on a more realistic note, imagine William Wallace riding out across the plains to meet the English hordes.

I am counting the days to when I can get back to the Loch to spend more time, as I was only there for the day. It was rather unplanned my visit to the Loch and I wish I can accommodated the itinerary to stay in one of the many boutique towns which sit along the Loch, full of locals telling old tales of their lands.


If you are going to Scotland and looking for a great adventure, Le Boat are launching an exciting NEW Loch cruise, where you can enjoy the stunning highland setting, whilst searching for Nessie.

And if don’t spot Nessie, it’s all good. As the highlands alone are the perfect backdrop to your cruise along the Loch. During your Caledonian canal cruise with Le Boat, much of your time will be spent on the Loch nestled in the rugged valleys along the Great Glen, a geologic fault line which shaped the landscape of the region. Hilltop castles, quiet waterside towns, lake resorts, cosy pubs and rich, melodic bagpipes.

The cruise runs for seven nights and starts at a price of $1271. Your itinerary includes a visit to the Banavie’s distilleries, Great Glen Water Park, Urquhart Castle, Clansman Centre in Fort Augustus, Loch Ness Visitor Centre, Inverness’s Fortrose Cathedral, West Highland Railway, Cycling Ben Nevis, Inverness’s Cawdor Castle, Fort William’s West Highland Museum.

NOTE: this post has not been sponsored in anyway.


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