Christmas at the grounds

Christmas at the Grounds of Alexandria

Have you been naughty? Or have you been nice? Here’s what’s happening for Christmas at the Grounds.

It’s not too late to get yourself to The Grounds for the perfect photo op moment, sitting in front of the naughty or nice Christmas tree, strolling through the nice zone, or running a muck through the naughty zone. There’s even your very own Santa’s seat to sit upon for a very merry photo.

The nice zone is set in the garden walk through from the outdoor carpark at the main entrance of the Grounds, and leads you to the giant Christmas tree which has been half decorated with nice ornaments, and half decorated with naughty ornaments. Then as you make a right at the main tree and head towards their cafe, the decorations turn from nice to very naughty. With cheeky elves playing amongst the decorations.

The laneway is open all day and all night to the public, with pre-booked time slots you need to purchase for a sit with Santa. It does get busy at night though, once the sun goes down and the lights switch on.

I highly recommend you visit (if possible) first thing in the morning, not long after the cafe has opened, as it’s a lot quieter to stroll through the decorations and take photos, rather than competing with other sight seers. And with school holidays nearly here, I’d think about doing this super fast, as I expect it will get busier the closer to the christmas we get and with kids then on holidays.

The decorations will be on display until mid-January, so there is also no stress if you wish to go after the silly season, especially if your schedule from now to Christmas is CRAZY!!

There will also be snow falling across the grounds, at certain times of the day, so make sure you’re following their instagram page, so you can check in what times on the day you are visiting when the snow is falling, as it may change from day to day.

There is also a very merry Christmas menu to delight with at the Potting Shed and their cafe. From sweet treats, to something savoury, and a fabulous range of naughty inspired drinks.

There’s the Merry Whatever drink, and the Bad Santa Cocktail. And a lovely selection of nice desserts and naughty ones too. The Christmas menu is a limited edition menu, so won’t be available after Christmas.

And if the cafes are too busy and you can’t get a seat, that’s okay. Order some take away, and enjoy a sit in their main garden under the canopy of fairy lights, chandeliers and vines.

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