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Reset Your Day in Just 60 Seconds – Perfect For This Time of the Year

OMG! Christmas is 26 days away. If you’re mind feels scattered and you are doing too much all at once – it may be time to reset your mind and get un-scattered.

It’s easy to forgot what path you’re on, especially when it comes to mindfulness and wellness. So, I put together a list of some of the things I do, that can help reset your day in just 60 seconds.

When you’re busy juggling daily errands, chores, work and personal activities, your mind can instantly become a blur of racing thoughts about things to do, and things that must be done. This is when you can feel a little out of control as your mind starts to race and your body can’t keep up. Enter stress and anxiety here.

Taking a quick 60 second reset will not only help you feel more in control, it will also help stabilise any anxiety and stress you are going through, to help you manage your mindful wellbeing better.

Check out my 6 ways off resetting the mind, in just 60 seconds.

Hit the Pause Button:

When your brain is in overdrive, your body seldom gets time to unwind. Even if you’re at home relaxing, if you haven’t properly switched off your mind, your nervous system won’t get the right amount of downtime needed to deal with stress and anxiety.

By consciously switching off the mind and allowing a restful moment, either through breathing exercises or perhaps some stretches, your mental state will naturally slow and become calm. I like to switch off at least twice a day for 60 seconds. Mid morning and then mid afternoon. I do some stretches and focus on my breathing to help me take a break from whatever it is I am doing.

Write a List of Things to Do:

I used to keep a weekly calendar of all the things I needed to get done for the week, assigning different tasks for different days. however, I fond the demand of trying to get specific noted tasks done that day too stressful.

So now, I make a list of what I’d like to get done for the week instead. That way, I can mark them off during the day, anytime throughout the week, to help me manage the important study that needs to get done. All it takes is 60 seconds to make a list, and your mind will thank you for it as it allows for a little bit of piece for the brain each day, as you see the list get shorter and shorter with each passing day.

Self-Talk and Working With Your Inner Voice:

We all talk to ourselves inside our heads, at some time throughout the day. Perhaps you do it once or twice, or maybe you do it all throughout the day. Either way, this constant chatter in the mind is not entirely good for the nervous system and can be rather stressful.

Rather than just going along with the chatter, try to work with your inner voice and reassure it that you are getting things done that need to be done. And that’s it’s also okay if you aren’t able to get some tings done. Control the chatter, by comforting it and telling it everything will work out and all is okay. this 60 second respite from the chatter can make the world of difference when it comes to managing your wellbeing.

Reset Your Physical Space:

As someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, I can tell you, there have been moments I have found myself stuck in the same physical position for far too long, which is not good for your energy and not great for your posture either.

We always focus on the mental side of things when it comes to stress and anxiety, but we should always remember to work with the physical space as well, as posture, blood and oxygen flow throughout the bod play a huge part in helping you manage your mental state. Take 60 seconds to stand from the desk, stretch, go to the toilet, make a tea or coffee. Anything that gives you a minute away from your desk position is great for reseting the mind.

Change Your Habits:

Are you a creature of habit? Do you follow the same routine every day? You should try switching it up and changing things around to keep from feeling mundane and boring. By following the same strict routine every day, you mind can become stagnate in its thoughts and won’t make change with itself.

Break the routine and do something different every second day. If you start your day with a green juice before hitting the gym every morning. Why not start your day with a tea instead, hit up the green juice for afternoon tea, and try an evening workout class that will help you work off all that stress from the day. These small 60 second changes throughout the day by breaking habits will work wonders for your mental health.

Don’t Waste Your 60 Seconds on Social Media:

If you’re on hold on the phone, or perhaps you’re waiting to get job the train, or in line for lunch or a coffee and your first response is to pull out the phone and check out social media and what you’ve missed so far in the day, forget it. This is doing nothing for your mind and will only add further stress to the already noisy chatter going on inside.

Use the 60 seconds to say hi to someone in the cue with you, or just smile at someone, look around and take note of your surroundings. Perhaps you’re outside and waiting for a coffee at a cafe, and the sun is out, the birds are singing and people are all around you chatting and having a nice day. Take stock of the beautiful things around you, instead of being intoxicated by what’s being shared on social media.

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