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How To Hack Your Nervous System

Did you know you can hack your nervous system to alleviate stress and help deal with anxiety and depression?

Stimulating the nervous system is referred to as activating the vagus nerve. And when this is done, stress is immediately reduced.

And you don’t need any special skills to hack the nervous system either. It can be as simple as taking deep breaths laughing, meditating, walking, and exploring nature or taking a digital detox from any stress inducing technology, like mobile phones and laptops.

you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want, as most of these stress relieving activities to help relieve the nervous system, are designed to be in your space, in your comfort zone, away from anyone else. 

For coffee lovers, a good example would be, how you feel when you take that first sip of coffee in the morning. The sensation it doesn’t mean I am suggesting you drink an abundance of coffee to stay happy. This is purely an example of how easy it is to hack your nervous system.

Side note, I am of course not a professional in this field. These tips were provided by Dr Jarutis who was interviewed on ways to hack the nervous system in a health magazine I read. And I was hooked whilst reading about the ways you can easily do this from day to day, and at home too. 

Despite the amount of yoga I do, and I do meditate every night before sleep, when the silyl season of Christmas arrives at the end of the year, and you are starting to feel the pressure of the past year and you’re counting down the days to the holidays and then some, with a break sitting on the horizon, stress levels are bound to heighten, and it’s easy to forget ways on how to better cope, and manage stress levels, when everything is so festive and let’s face it, also very CRAZY! 

These are Dr Jarutis’s top 7 ways to hack the nervous system and stay calm and relaxed. And most importantly to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Take a cold shower:

Cold therapy can boost the immune system and stimulate the nervous system, as the body adjusts to the change in temperature. Of course, ice baths or icy cold showers aren’t for everyone. Try turning down the temp of your morning or evening shower perhaps at the end of your bathing ritual and sit under the cool change for a few minutes. 

Try singing:

The vagus nerve is linked the areas of your mouth and throat, and activities like singing, humming and yoga mantras have been known to trigger this nerve and alleviate stress. And you don’t need to sing in public to activate this sensation. Sing in the shower, or hum whilst you’re cooking or doing the gardening. 

Have a massage:

This one will require you to leave the house. Unless you can get someone at home to give you one, or you can massage yourself if you know how. Massage guns re great here, especially if you live by yourself. Massages prompt instant relaxation, especially around the neck and feet areas, as they control and hold a lot of stress and tension. 

Laugh out loud:

Watch something funny on the TV, a good movie or television show that will make you laugh – a lot. If you’re happy to get some stress relief outside of your home comforts, then book yourself in to see a comedy show for a good laugh. Play a funny board game like Cranium or Pictionary, where you are bound to let a lot of giggles out with friends and family.

Take care of your insides:

Science has now proven gut health is the key to almost everything in the body, from general immune health, organ health, skin health and mental health. This means, it’s important to care of your insides and maintain a healthy gut. Clean vegetables, fresh whole foods, and drinking plenty of water is key here. Stay away from fast foods, especially deep-fried ones.

Explore the outdoors:

Ditch the technology and go outside. Take a nature walk, visit a place where you can mingle with animals, go to the beach (maybe not a busy one filled with tourists), and just take some time out and relax. Yes, even when you are busy, you need to make time for yourself away from your normal routine, away from your mobile phone and the hectic schedule called life.

Take a breath:

Breathing is key to any form of stress relief. There’s a reason why the ancient practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, and martial arts all focus on breath. Because it works. It calms the central nervous system, brings clarity to the mind, and helps to manage anxiety and reduce stress levels. Take a moment to focus on breathing is super handy when your mind is scattered and you are looking to focus and find answers.

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