the beauty products which match the different moon cycles

Learn Which Beauty Products Match Which Moon Cycle

Do you know what beauty products match which moon cycle? Well be prepared to be enlightened.

Moon cycles are a fascinating study, whether you like all that astrological mumbo jumbo or not. There is no denying the facts behind some of the world’s most inclusive studies, which show the effects of the moon on water, the land, all species and the weather.

So it makes sense that certain products, such as beauty products would also be effected by the moon cycle as they are placed on the body, which is ultimately affected by the moon.

Last Monday, I c hatted through the different moon cycles, what they mean, and what they represent. So, I thought I would touch base on what certain products you should also be using during these specific moon cycles, to help you achieve good skin.

Of course, there are no real studies to back anything which I am saying, as essentially I used me as a dummy for this story, to test out over a month how the products would work with my skin during each moon cycle.

I did see some differences, and I do believe the whole mind over matter backs the belief that I felt differences in my skin when using specific products at different times of the moon cycles. But of course, I can only use my skin and my body as the example. It may be different for you and you may get different results.

But, if you are willing to give it a try. Why wouldn’t you give it a go, if it meant you could have healthier and younger looking skin because of it. Am I right?

Throughout history, farmers have used lunar cycles as a guide for growing crops, and the moon still plays a big part in the practices of biodynamic agriculture even today.

Brands like Jurlique, Dr Hauschka and Weleda grow many of their crops (flowers, fruits and herbs) according to the moon cycles, which carries through into many of their products, making them perfect to use at certain times of the month, during specific moon cycles.

Okay, so let’s get started:

NEW MOON: The new moon represents a fresh start, and an open heart and mind. Products which contain Rose Quartz, such as face roller are perfect to use during the new moon cycle to help renew skin cells for regrowth.

WANING CRESCENT: The waning crescent is about surrender and rest, so products which contain rosemary and lavender are perfect to sue during this cycle. Like the lavender infused Sleep products by LUSH.

LAST QUARTER: This moon cycle is about forgive and let go, so using products which contain essential oils which are citrus based like the Aesop Citrus infused body wash, designed to cleanse the body. Ylang Ylang is also a great ingredient here, as it helps you let go of stress and worry.

WANING GIBBOUS: The waning gibbous is when you should show gratitude, self-reflecting on attitudes and experiences. Use Dr. Murad’s Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel and AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser which have been designed with their personalised app to give skin gratitude whilst treating it.

WAXING CRESCENT: This is the cycle of intention, hopes and wishes, so you should use products which contain inspiring ingredients which give you confidence and make you feel strong, such as glycolic and 24K gold infused facial treatment.

FIRST QUARTER: The cycle of action, where it’s time to take the necessary steps in achieving and believing. Use products which make you feel empowered and strong. I like the new BIORE Blue Algae and Baking Soda Face Mask during this period which works to achieve fresh and new skin, ready to face the day ahead (or at night before sleeping too).

WAXING GIBBOUS: The waxing gibbous cycle is about making change and learning to be fluid and free. Use products which set your spirit on fire, giving you space to be refreshed and revitalised. The more natural the products, the better here. Retinol products are great in this cycle.

FULL MOON: Signed, sealed and delivered. The full moon is about being complete, so using products which essentially seal the deal in your skincare are essential during this cycle. Products which contain hyaluronic acid which seal up pores and locking moisture for the ultimate in hydration ar ideal in this cycle.

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