Beauty Secrets of French Women

I love learning the many secrets behind the beauty of French women.

They easily achieve some of the best feminine looks, which are both striking, simple and beautiful. From their hair, they clothing style and simplistic beauty, it’s hard to envy how well they pull off, well pretty everything really.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

In honour of one of the most romantic days of the year, I thought I’d write a piece small piece on French Beauty, sharing a few of their secrets I’ve learned in my beauty journey with a Bondi Beauty. Especially as France is seriously, one of the most romantic cities in the world.

And of course French Women are simply stunning. I know that sounds a bit vain, but let’s be honest here, who doesn’t envy the stylish, sophisticated, natural looks of all French women.

We know a lot of those secrets probably do include the odd injection here or there. However, one things for sure when it comes to their natural beauty routine French women do a lot of things us Western women don’t do.

So whether it’s their stylish looks, freshly tussled hair or flawless hair, French women seem to have something everyone wants, especially their flawless skin.

Skin Supplements:

French women incorporate a variety of skin supplements (especially collagen based products – both vegan and non-vegan) into their daily routine to ensure skin is ageing perfectly.

Borage Oil is a popular supplement in France. It’s high in essential fatty acids, making it great for boosting resilience and integrity of the skin.

Did you know most day spas skin in France supply you with nutritional capsules, tablets and potions for consumption in conjunction with other skincare products and treatments?

Herbal Detox:

Several times a year, French women undergo a herbal detox which involves drinking a daily shot of herbal detoxifying elixir for anywhere between one week to two weeks.

Doing this helps to brighten the skin, reduces fluid retention, increases skin vitality and cleanse the system of any harmful chemicals which may result in bad skin, like blemishes, excess dryness or excessive oil spots.

Herbal detoxes work to cleanse out any nasties from the body, which often result in poor skin, faster ageing of the body inside and out and poorer health. Even drinking herbal teas daily are helpful to keeping the body clear of toxins.

Follow a Regular Skincare Regime:

Daily skincare rituals are a must for every French woman, with some women using anywhere up to at least five products morning and night.

French women see skincare rituals as an important part of daily routine, rather than that of a chore, and enjoy taking anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour both in the morning and the evening, to ensure skin is well looked after, maintained and always looks its best.

If it means waking up an hour early in the morning to take care of the skin and staying up an hour later at night, to cleanse and wash away dirt and makeup, especially after a night out, they do it.

Don’t Eat Junk Food:

Junk good can make you sweat, it’s also full of unnatural sugars, salts and fats, which clog the internal system of the body, which may result in bad skin. Eating well is paramount in French women’s diets, as it helps keep skin looking and remaining beautiful for as long as possible.

French lifestyle is heavily revolved around the gathering of friends and family to cook delicious meals of fresh foods, as much as they also enjoy eating out. This means fast food is out and home cooked meals are in.

For the day, many French women keep to small meals throughout the day, sometimes a slice of baguette, with cheese, lots of fruit and healthy snack meals made from vegetables. Cakes and champagne are reserved for special occasions only, not for everyday.

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