Adopting a Good Skincare Routine

Adopting a good skincare routine is easy, it’s maintaining it that’s the hard part.

No matter the products and no matter how many you use, if you don’t have good skin habits, all those delicious ingredients and products being used might be going to waste.

That’s what I’ve learned through my years of meeting industry professionals in the the skincare field.

Although all from different backgrounds, with some favouring non natural for others who favour all natural, one things remains true and the same for all – you must adopt a good skincare routine, in order for any of the products to work and do there thing.

Because yes, there is such a thing as using a product the wrong way, or perhaps in the wrong order and therefore your skin won’t benefit at all from using it.

So here’s a simple guide on ways you can achieve a healthy and easy good skincare routine:

  1. Always use a non foaming cleanser, yes even if your skin is very oily. Use a gel based one which doesn’t foam, or a cream based one which works to remove dirt and grime.
  2. Use your hands to rub in circular motions the cleanser all over your face and then use a warm cloth to remove the dirt.
  3. Repeat this action, as the first cleanse will only remove the makeup and dirt, the second cleanse will cleanse deeper into the pores to remove excess oils and grime.
  4. Next exfoliate your skin with a acid toner or wipe and once which can be used daily. If you plan on using a cream based skin exfoliant on the skin, you should only do this once or twice a week maximum. However, some acid toners and gentle exfoliant wipes can be sued daily.
  5. Spray the skin with a hydrating mist or toner. This will seal the pores and lock in moisture before applying any serums, oils or moisturisers.
  6. Apply your eye cream. This should always be applied before any serums, oils or moisturisers to ensure the eye cream does it’s job and sinks into the eye area to hydrate, protect and renew.
  7. Next you can apply your favourite serum, followed by a facial oil if required. Remember, even oily skin types can benefit from a good skin oil. Just make sure it’s one that has been specially formulated to not clog pores and you’ll be fine.
  8. Apply your favourite moisturiser using circular motions to spread across the face until all is absorbed. Opt for a lighter cream in the day, and a heavier one at night. The lighter one must still be rich enough to keep skin moisturised but not too heavy to wear under makeup, and the night one can be rich and hydration, thick and nourishing.
  9. At night, you can also swap the night moisturiser for a night sleeping mask instead, if you are looking for something too work it’s magic throughout the night whilst you sleep, to give you plump and well hydrated skin by morning,
  10. Many overnight masks are designed to use nightly, so just check the directions of use and make sure you can.
  11. For the day, if you are going toe heading outdoors, then make sure you apply a good face sunscreen, which is oil -free before applying any foundation.
  12. I always let my skin sit for at least 30 minutes before applying any makeup, to ensure all the creams have properly set into the skin and my makeup will then apply a lot easier.

And there you have it, a very simply, yet effective no-nonsense guide to an everyday skincare routine.

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