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A Mid-Week Road Trip to Picton in New South Wales

Took a mid-week break and went on a road trip to Picton in New South Wales.

From Sydney, Picton is approximately thirty to forty minutes south west, give or take a few depending on traffic.

I do have a two blogs coming soon on Picton, one on what to see and do there and another on the best places to eat there. So, do stay tuned for those upcoming blogs.

In the meantime, I have some pretty exciting news… I finally created a Youtube channel for Travel Bug Official and finally created my first Travel Vlog.

This is something I have wanted to for a while now, but fear always got in the way. So, I fought that fear time and time again, until I found myself comfortable enough to talk in front of a camera without judging myself too much.

Of course, my editing skills need a little more work, but for a first time video I am pretty happy with the final development and hope to be making many more in the future.

Without going on and on about it, here’s the video, enjoy.

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