fun activities to do for christmas

10 Fun Activities to Do for Christmas

Let’s get festive. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all. And after the year we have had, we deserve a little fun – don’t we?

No matter what age you are, there is always some fun to be had by all this time of the year. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. And I especially love that the festive vibe lasts all month. Though I do feel a little deflated by the time Boxing Day comes around, as a lot of the vibes have gone by then. There’s something to be said in the way we celebrate all things Christmas, for the entire month of December.

With that being said, and with some restrictions still in play in some places, I wanted to put together a list of fun activities to be had this time of the year, that are achievable no matter the situation, as you don’t always have to rely on big crowds, venues, events and other places where you may not be able to attend.

Here are my top 10 fun activities to do for Christmas, for the most magical time of the year.

Have a Gin Party

Grab your mates, get some gin, go online and check out some fun gin recipes for Christmas – don’t forget the other ingredients of course, like mint, rosemary, cranberry and ice cubes. Get creating and see who can make the best gin cocktail. you can always ditch looking up recipes online, as see what creations you can all make, which will be more fun.

Bake Christmas Cupcakes

If you don’t like gingerbread men, or anything ginger (and yes, I know a few people who don’t – I know, strange), then try making some festive cupcakes instead. you can turn this into a party as well, with kids (if you’ve got them), or with family and friends. Bake normal cupcakes and then have a decorating bake off of sorts, where whoever does the best decorating wins something. Like free coffee from you fave cafe for a month LOL.

Have a Festive Photo Shoot

Can be achieved by yourself, with a few handy gadgets, or rope your partner or bestie in to come and help you take some fun festive photos. If you can get your pet involved, this is a fun way to take Christmas photos with them, and make great cards for gifts to hand out to loved ones.

Make Christmas Decorations

This doesn’t sound as complicated or as scary as it may be seem. In-fact there are real easy to make decorations you can make and I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, where there are some fabulous tutorials to help guide you through making some fun decorations.

Arrange a Christmas Sleepover

Great for kids, but also suitable for any age really. Christmas sleepovers are a fun and festive way to feel the magical vibes, by setting up a cute little campsite by the Christmas tree. Get a playlist happening and some hallmark movies to watch. And don’t forget the hot chocolate and yummy snacks as well.

Get a Real Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are great, no mess, no water, and the tree lasts longer than a month. But there’s nothing greater than the smell of fresh pine in the house, to carry out those true festive and magical vibes for the season. And it’s also a fun activity to go with friends and family and pick the tree you want. You can even get a tree in a pot, so that way, you can watch it grow all year. and then the year after that.

christmas tree

Go Check Out Your Local Christmas Tree

Every area has their own Christmas tree. If by some chance where you live doesn’t have one, then go find one worthy of an instagram shot. We have a cute local one where I live, but it’s not that grand. So, I always make a trip to other surrounding areas, including the CBD of Sydney, to check out the main trees and take some nice photos.

Experiment with Festive Hot Chocolate Recipes

I love mixing it up in the kitchen and making new hot chocolate recipes this time of the year. Like Peppermint infused chocolate, to perhaps a gingerbread flavoured chocolate drink. Mix it up with some festive decorations and serve to your loved ones whilst watching a funny Christmas movie (or emotional one).

christmas lights

Explore Any Christmas Light Displays

This could be locally, or in the city, or perhaps in your own neighbourhood. Some people go all out decorating their house, whilst other’s don’t and you may need to hop online and check out some lights displayed currently on in your local area, or local city. Either way, it’s a fun way to feel the vibes of the season to explore the festive lights.

Do Something Unexpected

This could be delivering presents to your local children’s hospital, or perhaps visit a local retirement village and spend some time with anyone who doesn’t have any family to help them celebrate this time of the year. I haven’t done it for a while, but I once went with my mum to a retirement village and we sat down and had a Christmas lunch with all of the residents, which was a lot of fun. They have a lot of fun stories from their past two share.

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