how to understand the moon cycles

What Are The Different Phases of the Moon

Following the moon cycles: what do they mean and how they can help you achieve better wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Following the moon cycles can be very beneficial to your life, as long as you find a happy medium where you use the cycles to establish a better understanding of your wellbeing in order to achieve a happier and healthier life.

The study of moon cycles is age old, though we may be caught up in a society of the 21st century filled with pretty gadgets and fancy social networks in the digital age, it’s important to remember how easily we can be affected by the cycles of the moon.

And once you establish a connection to what they mean and how they can help you, following the moon cycles creates a great release for the body, cleansing it from the intake of toxins we consume daily, both physically and mentally, to help you achieve a better understanding of your body and the earth, and ultimately having better wellbeing all round.

If our ancient ancestors were following the moon cycle, why aren’t we doing it now? Well many of us still do follow the cycle of the moon, as don many farmers across the globe, who use the moon cycles to help them germinate better crops.

What you may not know (or maybe you do deep down inside), is when you decide top open yourself up to the prospect of living your life by the moon cycles, in a non self obsessive way, you will feel more at ease with the way people behave around you (even yourself) and you may even achieve a higher understanding of your own body and how it works.

This is a simple guide on how you can read the moon throughout the different cycles and what they mean for you on a spiritual, wellbeing level in both the physical and the mental space.

The New Moon:

The new moon is about a fresh start, a new page. Use this cycle to realise what you desire, set some goals and devise a plan. this is when your heart and mind are most open, so think about your dream and go for it.

The Waning Crescent:

This about surrendering and rest. Which means you need to use this cycle to be still, get plenty of rest and focus on a little self-love by taking care of yourself where needed (both physically and mentally). Be at peace with your surroundings and with yourself.

The Last Quarter:

You need to let go, forgive and release any negativity which may be holding you back. This cycle allows you the opportunity to trust the universe by presenting you with new options to explore and venture into. Being free and flowing in the process.

The Waning Gibbous:

This cycle represents gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm, self reflection and teaches you to slow down. Focus on what you are grateful for and appreciate all the life experiences you have endured as a way of moving forward.

The Waxing Crescent:

It’s time to set an intention, create a wish and mediate some hope and visualise what you want work towards within your spiritual self. What do you intend to do? How can you create your dream into reality? It’s time to make that wish come true.

The First Quarter:

This is the cycle of decision making and action taking. Build up your energy by spending time in the sun to charge up the power to be strong and filled with the light to help you charge forward, helping you achieve what you put your mind to.

The Waxing Gibbous:

It’s time to make changes and adjustments to the parts of your life which aren’t working, in a non-negative capacity. Nothing is set in stone, so you need to identify that being fluid and free, gives you the opportunity to make change and reset the course you are on.

The Full Moon:

Though often associated with a time for people (and animals) to go a little loopy, when the full moon starts its cycle, this is actually the time to appreciate who you are and what you have in life, in order to understand what it is you have been searching for. As emotions are increased during this cycle, meditation is key to grounding back down to the earth and focusing on appreciating what you have in life.

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