how I treated my skin and hair to collagen powders

My Latest Health Obsession – Collagen Powder

Since being in isolation, I found myself obsessing over collagen-based beauty products to help with my overall health.

Now that we are living our best lives in post-iso I wanted to write about one specific (and super cheap) collagen powder which I have been totally obsessing over.

Whether it was because I found myself binging on the wrong foods a little too much whilst being stuck at home for longer hours, or if it was wanting too find a way to maintain optimum health whilst being stuck at home more during isolation, collagen powders were never on my radar until COVID-19 happened.

I’m sure most of you will agree with me when I say, whilst having more time than ever to try out new things and spend the time focusing on trying to new things, I discovered a lot about my body, any health and more than anything what worked for me and what didn’t.

I also noticed, that with my 40th birthday looming round the corner, there were a lot of things changing in my body I hadn’t noticed before. SIGH! From my eye site being a little funny sometimes, to more pain in the body when I wake of a morning, to my skin and hair doing weird things as well. Being in iso, gave me the time to explore new options and products to help me deal with my ageing body.

Okay, so now the negative part is out of the way, the whole ageing process isn’t really that bad and I have been managing okay. Despite how frustrating it can be at times dealing with it all, I know I’m not the only one. Its;s not exactly scary, I suppose you just have to change a few things and work around what I am dealing with, in order to better adjust to make things better for my body, my health, my mind and probably my spirit also.

Collagen was one of this magical items I started dabbling more with whilst in iso. Although I was already experimenting with beauty products for the outside of my body, I hadn’t really tried too many products which were collagen based ones for taking to treat the problems own the inside of the body. Well, not for long-term anyways. I had only really tried a product for seven day, maybe a little more and then that was it.

If you want to learn more about collagen, check out this link here, very interesting.

Lucky, most supermarkets in Sydney do sell a small variety of different collagen-based products. So I didn’t have to stress about trying to find somewhere online too purchase or order online and wait for weeks (due to COVID-delay deliveries).

My local supermarket is Woolworths and they sell a collagen tablet called VOOST Effervescent Collagen Tablets RRP $13 for 40 tablets – bargain. I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks, but these aren’t that fizzy, so easy to drink.

The first week I didn’t really notice anything, which is what normally happens when you trial new products anyway, right? But into the second week, I started to notice small changes in my skin and my body. Although I do have arthritis, and as the weather has now cooled in Australia, the cold mornings make me creak and crack a lot in the mornings (and some nights), some newly developed pains not from arthritis went away.

Though it did take around two to three weeks taking the tablets before those differences were noticeable one hundred percent.

My nail health had improved, joint flexibility had gotten better and my skin healing time from scratches blemishes and other things was faster than ever. Though not wearing any makeup at home probably also helped with the whole skin health thing too.

All in all, I have now become a small advocate for collagen powders and have been spreading the word amongst friends and family, as I did believe it assist in achieving optimum health. Although I still need help in others areas LOL, I have most certainly felt the effects of using collagen every day and I can’t imagine my life without taking it now.

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