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Let’s Save the Wolves of Canada

Wolves play an important part in our ecosystem. So it’s time we worked together to save the Wolves of Canada.

Whilst travelling through the Rocky Mountains of Canada, we came across a small town hidden in the deep pine forests of the mountains, called Golden BC.

At first glance; although the surroundings of the town were spectacular, the town itself really was nothing special. There was a small roadside diner, were we stopped for a coffee break and drank really bad coffee; which had been percolating all day long. But the the service was friendly enough and the setting was warming.

Back on the road after only half an hour, we were winding through the town on route to hook back up to the main road, when my partner spotted a small sign attached to a power pole; it was a large wold paw print, with the words ‘Wolf Centre’ underneath and an arrow.

We were intrigued, so decided to follow the arrow. Though were were wondering whether the sign was actually legit or not.

Anyways, we followed the scattered Wolf Print signs through a strange residential area in the back of Golden BC and boy were we glad we did. The Wolf Centre was a real place, where you could learn and interact (to a point) with the Wolves of Canada.

The Wolf Centre is a sanctuary called ‘The Northern Lights Wolf Centre’ and they receive no government funding at all.

They are a self made sanctuary by the owners of the property; Shelly and Casey Black, who have made it their life’s mission to educate people on wolves, to help protect them and even house them when they have been discovered injured or abandoned from their pack and left to die.

I have always been a fan of wolves, in-fact they are probably my favourite animal of all time (apart from cats). So of course, I fell in love with the center and the owners immediately.

The focus of the park is educate everyone on the importance of wolves in our ecosystem and how misunderstood and treated they are by humans. It was sad to hear how they are treated, but also beautiful to know that such a wonderful place existed. And, apparently they are not the only one in Canada.

There is a huge effort by a variety of self-funded organisations across Canada who have created these sanctuaries where they both protect the Wolves and educate the public (including schools) on why we need Wolves and how they are one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.

So inspired by the park and what they do, I even decided to adopt a wolf. Wiley is his name and I donate money every year towards him to ensure he is well housed and protected by the wonderful people at the Wolf Centre.

This place truly is a gem to discover, hidden away in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. To learn more about what they do, or to donate to a wolf yourself, click here.

This email has not been endorsed in anyway by The Wolf Centre.

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