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How to Find a Path to Silence

If you need a little peace and quiet from the crazy world we live in, these simple steps will have you finding peace in no time.

Peace and quiet, we all want it, even if we don’t think we need it. Finding a little peace and quite is what helps your mind rest, your body relax and for many, it can even help you work through emotional hard times of stress and anxiety.

Though many people who suffer major depression, anxiety and stress often prefer to surround themselves with noise, as the peace makes them think too much, the benefits of being able to master the mind in peace can help resolve the mind through some of the most traumatic emotional problems.

Science is still heavily debated on how it works, but there are loads of studies (which you can easily obtain on Google) which show you how many researchers are finding out the benefits of peace on the mind and how through the practice of meditation and other self-care techniques can help you achieve that peace.

To help you find a path to peace, I thought I would share five techniques I use to help me find peace in times of stress, when I am feeling anxious and when I am looking for some time out from society.

Digital Detox:

Believe it or not, most of the noise created in our world is the result of living in a digital age. Anything from televisions, computers, laptops, smart devices and then some are creating excessive noise all around us. From the actual videos we watch, the music we listen to. Even the radio waves emitted from all these technologies are creating noise. Some you may not be able to physically hear, but I assure you, it’s there.

This means, taking time out from your devices is the only way you can truly give your mind some peace from it all.

And this sounds harder than what it actually is. you don’t need to go to a retreat to do it, you can easily achieve a digital detox at home, yes even if you live with family and friends. Switch everything off even for the day and try doing something together, like playing games (not video games LOL), do a puzzle together, sit around and chat about stories from your past, enjoy a wine whilst doing it. Or maybe get together and all cook a feast, before sitting down to enjoy it.


Of course, if a retreat is possible for you, then this is by far the best way to achieve peace, as you will be surrounded by others wanting to do the same thing. Some retreats have a no tech policy, where others allow for it in the room. Try looking for a retreat that has no TV, no wifi or cell service. Pack plenty of books (or just one), some magazines, perhaps your beauty kit, so you can spend some time on your beauty routine whilst relaxing.

Take a puzzle or two and just switch off. I recently went to a retreat where there was no cell service, no televisions, no wifi, nothing. And it was so wonderful to have a few days break from the world and not know what was going on. I hadn’t realised how much of a break from technology I needed until I did it. In-fact the truth is, I could have taken a few more days to really help my mind find ultimate peace.

Floatation tanks:

If you don’t know what these are, they are tanks of water filled with a high content of magnesium salts which create a weightless sensation of the body where you float on the surface of the body without any effort at all. This weightlessness is also referred to as zero gravity, as it creates the illusion of floating in the air with no heaviness.

This is the ultimate way to find some peace for an hour. As you float in a tank, with nothing else but the sounds of the water sloshing around your body. You do wear ear plugs to help stop the water going into your ears also, as the idea is to essentially just lay back and float for an hour and literally switch off. This can be either done naked or in a swimsuit.

Though it is recommended to go naked as wearing a swimsuit feels weighty on the body, I opted to wear my swimmers as I get cold really quick and I knew the top part of my body laying afloat on the surface of the tank would get cold super quick.

Forest bathing:

Nothing new, but a new concept being adopted in western cultures, Forest Bathing is widely practiced in Japan and has been since the early 1980s. It’s wear you immerse yourself into a heavily tree populated area, like a national park, and either taking a stroll (being mindful not to get lost), or packing a picnic and a book and just kicking back amongst the trees, and nothing else.

It’s called Shinrin Yoko, and it has been scientifically proven to help your body discharge unhealthy cells from the body, as you are surrounded by the energy of the trees. It’s also very cleansing if you practice a few deep cleansing exercises amongst the trees, detoxifying the body of any toxins and then breathing in healthy air and cells produced from the surrounding the trees. Peace for the mind and the body.

Go off the grid:

There is a plethora of off the grid like accommodation experiences right now, or stemmed right from COVID. Where rural property owners have created fun and interesting ways for people to come stay and experience life outdoors (in a safe environment) away from society, away from digital technology and the noises of the city.

These can range with safari cabins out in the bush and forests, or even a bubble tent; which is accommodation made from a dense type of clear plastic, so as you sleep you can watch the sunset, the star shine and the sun rise. You may even be lucky enough to have some local animals pop in to investigate as you lay inside your see through accommodation.

Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as you lay exposed with no hidden walls shielding you from the outside. Rest assured, these accommodation bubbles have all been quality controlled and are completely safe. meaning, no peeping toms, as they are all on private lands.

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