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Healing The Mind With Aromatherapy Oils

There are so many health benefits to using aromatherapy oils, and healing the mind is one of them.

So many I’m sure I have been obsessed with aromatherapy oils since I was young. Using them in oil burners, on dried flowers to make them smell nice and even rubbing lavender oil on my pillow to help me sleep.

My mother also loved using essential oil, her favourite were Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oil when I was growing up, and she always had these oils burning around the house as both myself and my brother suffered from a variety of respiratory issues growing up and these oils were incredibly beneficial to helping me breath better.

Of course education about aromatherapy and essentials oils has changed and we know have a far better understanding of what they do, how they work and why we love them so much. As they aren’t just for hippies after all.

As a child, I mostly purchased my oils from cheapo shops like the Reject Shop or the $2 shop as it was known by back then. Though not sure why, as not everything was under $2 LOL. These oils were often a concoction of one forth essential oil and three parts carrier oil, meaning the oils was not pure and often burnt out faster than the candle did in the oil burner.

These oils are still available, but with a plethora of brands now selling one hundred percent pure essentials oils for aromatherapy benefits and more, why would you want to buy the cheapo products which don’t last and probably don’t give you any benefits anyway.

Although some science does dispute the idea of aromatherapy oils assisting people with their health, there is no doubt in the minds of many who do use the oils, they benefit greatly, from healing the mind, sleeping better, even having better digestion and improving overall health using oils.

Many also believe it is the power of the mind which heals and not the oils themselves. But the dispute by many is the oils do work and have been helping for many centuries, they are nothing new and society can benefit greatly from using them everyday.

My argument to those who believe it is all in the mind, isnt that kind of the point anyway. The mind is a powerful thing and it controls everything which happens in our bodies. From movement, to thought, to feelings and even sickness. So, if using an oil will mentally change the mind of someone and have them believe the oil is making them better, and in turn the mind begins to then heal the body. Is that not a good thing? I think thats a great thing.

For it is the mind itself we should as a society be mending and healing from the digital age we live in. To protect and nurture the thoughts and feelings of ourselves and of others. And to help promote a better outcome of health, through alternative ways which help to destress, relax and unwind the mind and the body.

And of course, oils do this. This is why they are burned in massage and spa centres and used in carrier oils to massage the body.

The scent alone can make someone drift off into a space of wellbeing, away from reality, if only just for a moment. So the mind can rest and take a break.

Is that now why we take breaks and rest when we get sick of are burnt out? Seems to me the science is already there and has been for many centuries. If using aromatherapy oils is a way for the mind to take some ease so the rest of the body can health, the evidence is real and we could all use some essential oils in our lives.

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