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Crystal Beauty: What Is It?

Have you ever heard of crystal beauty? This is when specific crystals have been finely crushed and infused into beauty products to help you achieve natural beauty.

It’s nothing new, the use of crystals in healing and health. Many ancient cultures used crystals to harness specific energies from the sun in order to help their communities heal from certain illnesses and rebalance the energy flowing through the human body. But have you ever heard of crystal beauty, when crystal are used to help you achieve the best in natural beauty?

It’s the latest trend right now. Beauty products using crystals as their ingredients to help clear blemishes, heal skin issues and promote healthy skin cell growth for younger looking skin.

Although there is no scientific proof that crystals, or even gemstones (another big beauty trend raging at the moment), do actually help to improve skin health by applying them into your beauty routine. Often such things are more of a desired experience than anything. Where beauty enthusiasts will claim they see the benefits themselves by including gemstones and crystals into their beauty routine and testing out the outcomes without the backing of any clinical or scientific studies.

And why not. Often the proof is in the pudding, whereby, not everything can be studied and not everything has an answer. More often than not, such things are simply to be experienced for yourself to determine whether they work or not. With a chance, there will never be any science to back the claims. A leap off faith you might say.

I have always sat on the fence regarding crystals and gemstone healing for both health and beauty. Though I have always sensed there must be something behind these magical stones, as they were used for so many centuries by our ancestors as ways of treating so many issues. I myself had never truly dabbled in the art of using crystals for anything, other than having a salt lamp shining ever so ambiently (no that’s not a word – I just made it up), in the lounge room.

So, if I’m happy to light a salt lamp in the house, then why wouldn’t I believe other crystals and gemstones are good for your health? Well, it’s not that I don’t believe, it’s that I don’t know enough about it to make a decision about it.

Of late however, I have been experimenting more in the idea of what it means to have crystals and gemstones in your beauty routine. From products which have been infused with certain crystals and gemstones to help boost skin health.

Have I noticed any differences? Well yes and no. I strongly believe the mind is a powerful thing, meaning if you convince it of something, then that something could in fact become true. And I do feel as my belief in the use of crystals strengthens, with me noticing small significant changes in my skin and mental health using them, the more powerful they become as I believe in them.

Last Friday, I was supposed to post a beauty story discussing a few beauty products which used the concept of gemstones and crystals as a way of boosting their powerful natural ingredients for better use on the skin, to help you achieve better skin. However, I decided to stop the story from publishing, I felt it warranted more research and more experimentation before blabbering on about a few products which use the concept of crystal beauty.

So, starting this week, I will progressively be charging up my posts with the occasional update on how I have been tracking using products inspired by crystal beauty.

A few months ago, I dabbled with the idea of using specific beauty products which worked for my star sign and this was very successful, as I focused on only using skincare products which had been infused with rich botanical essential oils matched to my star sign Virgo.

Moving on from the idea of astrology inspired beauty, I am now going to focus on crystal beauty. So make sure you keep watching this space for an update on how I am tracking with my skincare concerns using crystal and gemstone infused beauty products.

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