7 Spooky Things to do This Halloween

Whether you’re opting to go out and explore a spooky location, or staying home for spooky night in, there’s plenty of fun ideas to explore for a spooky Halloween.

Halloween feels a little different this year. Especially as we just came out of Lockdown only a few weeks ago. And even then, we are still being heavily restricted with way too many shades of grey to actually know exactly what we can and can’t do. It’s all a little confusing, troubling and stressful to say the least.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the most spookiest day of the year (I know terrible English there), and enjoy some festivities for the day (and night) whether that be to go out and explore, or simply stay home and relax, and create your own spooky vibes.

Each year for halloween, it’s tradition to go on a ghost tour somewhere. And this year, before all the lockdown and restrictions happened. I had grand plans to go to a small town down south of Sydney (around an hour or two away) called Berrima, to take a spooky night ghost tour in the old court house next to the old Gaol (English for jail). however, those plans are not happening, due to the restrictions and varying other issues. So this year, I need to do something a little different, and create my own spooky adventures at home.

The weather is predicting it will be raining, and Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. So, I am a little excited that I will at least get something out of spending a day at home. I mean, the ghost tour at Berrima is not going anywhere, they have held it there for years. So I can either go later in the year (not too close to Christmas of course), and there’s always next year. I can wait.

This year, I also opted to keep my decorations very low key. Normally I go all out, decorating the front door and patio, the house, and then some. There’s no limit to my creations when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Except, when I did this last year, when we weren’t even in any lockdown restrictions, the government said NO to trick or treating and so no one came to enjoy my Halloween decorating. What a let down. I was so disheartened.

Sure, the family came and enjoyed them, but no one else. And this year, who know what will happen. We may or may not get anyone coming to the door. So,. I skipped the major decorating and just kept things simple, with a little Halloween inspired bedding, and some decorations by the TV, so I can at least enjoy some spooky vibes whilst watching a scary movie, or reading a good scary book in bed.

Note: I do have an emergency box of treats, in case any ghouls do come knocking.

If you are feeling a little like me, and a little uninspired by one of your favourite celebrations, Halloween. Or perhaps you live somewhere where you are still in lockdown. There are some ways you can still get your spooky vibes on for Halloween.

Check out my favourite 7 spooky things to do for Halloween:

  1. Visit a Spooky Location:
    If you are able to source a spooky place to visit, like an abandoned building, or a haunted house, that is safe to enter of course (I hold no liability for you choosing to explore an abandoned location and then getting caught or injured. Just saying).

    Then this is a great way to get out of the house and go do something spooky for Halloween. I have explored many great abandoned locations, some which have not been that safe. I don’t go inside, but rather explore the location outside of the building and enjoy the many things an abandoned building has to offer. From the history of the location, to the ghost that may still walk through it’s halls. My imagination goes wild.

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  1. Watch a Scary Movie:
    There are a host of scary movies to watch this Halloween, some new and some old. I like to mix it up a bit and watch a variety of old and new. The other night, I watched the original of ‘The Mist’ which was hilarious. And hardly scary at all compared to scary movies of today.

    But I appreciated it for its time, as it would have been scary back then. Another oldie I love to watch, which is only from 2014 (so not that old), is ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ with Eric Bana. Which is both very scary and based off an apparent true story as well.

Of course if you don’t do scary movies, you can always watch a classic like Casper, Hocus Pocus, or even do a Harry Potter Marathon – my fave thing to do around Halloween.

Image from Pinterest: ambriana! | college + lifestyle blogger
  1. Read a Scary Book:
    There is nothing more rewardingly scary (not sure if that’s a thing) than settling in for a spooky night, nestled into a dark corner (or your bed) with a beautifully scented candle, a hot chocolate and a good book about a haunting, or something more sinister.

    Whether you choose a classic from Edgar Allan Poe, or something more modern like The Haunting of Hill House. Choosing a good book to help set the spooky vibes of Halloween can be rewarding as it gives you time away from digital technologies like your mobile phone and the TV. I love the feel of an ambient candle glow beside me, as a settle in to read a good story.

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read a spooky book for halloween
There is nothing more spooky, then chilling out with a good haunting book.
  1. Trick or Treat:
    If permitted in your area, depending on your lockdown restrictions, try a little trick or treating. Take the kids (if you have them), or your niece and nephew if you feel you need to have kids with you and have a lot of fun. There’s something quite invigorating when you dress up as someone or something else and parade around the streets.

    It’s literally the one day (or night) of the year when being weird is acceptable LOL. Our neighbourhood really go all out when it comes to Halloween. With houses covered in ghoul like decorations, and plenty of candy to be shared with all. It’s a lot of fun. Though I am unsure if it is going ahead this year, I have noticed a few homes already decked out with decorations, So fingers crossed.

Even if you’re in lockdown, you are still allowed to exercise. So, if you can’t go trick or treating, take a stroll through your neighbourhood anyways and check out some of the cool decorations some of your neighbours may be displaying on their houses. Some are pretty awesome.

  1. Decorate House with Halloween Decorations:
    Speaking of Halloween decorations, why not pop some decorations up yourself and have some fun with it. There’s still, time, as most trick or treating start wandering the hood from 3-4pm onwards. Pop up a few ghoulish items, a pumpkin or two and get into the community spirit of sharing sugary treats.

    I know I know, we shouldn’t be promoting sugar for kids (or adults either really), and although Halloween isn’t really about candy, the kids love it. And it’s nice to see them out having fun, dressing up as witches, fairies, ghosts and ghouls, running from house to house.

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  1. Make a Next Level Hot Chocolate:
    Okay, so this idea may sound a little lame. I mean, you can make a hot chocolate anytime of the year really. So, for Halloween, why not live on the edge and go next level with your hot chocolate. I like to keep things real simple with my hot chocolate and prefer to use mostly hot water and the tiniest bit of milk.

    However, from time to time, I will make exciting hot chocolates, where I melt actual chocolate (not powder) in a pot of hot milk (preferably almond or soy), continue to stir until perfectly lended, top with marshmallows and then top again with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Or, you can make yourself a pumpkin spiced latte which is even more spooky than a hot chocolate hehe.

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  1. Go on a Ghost Tour:
    It may or may not be a little too late to book yourself fin for a ghost tour. But it can’t hurt to reach out to any that may be happening in your neighbourhood, or someone near by to see if they still have room for you to tag along. Depending on what you can and can ‘t do of course with local restrictions and so forth.

    Last year, I was incredibly lucky to go on a ghost tour in the old Rocks region of the city by the harbour. We hadn’t been out of lockdown for long, so restrictions were easing, which meant we could go on a ghost tour. YAY. Then this year, I was lucky again before we went into lock down, to go on another ghost tour, which was actually a physical ghost hunt for 4-hours at the old Parramatta Goal. What an incredible experience that was. And a very late night as well. As we finished after midnight (magic ghost hour). Of course, you can always do your own ghost investigation at a local cemetery, if you’re game.

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With weird local restrictions looming over our heads, Halloween does feel a little different this year. But, as such with any circumstance thrown at me, I will improvise and make the day (and evening) as spooky as I can.

Happy Halloween.

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