what is your birth number

What’s Your Birth Number?

For Millennia, humans have been searching for their reason of existence, and the meaning of life. But what if our birth number is all that’s needed to give you those answers.

No matter your religion or beliefs, it’s safe to assume, that most of the humans on earth have all philosophised about the links between our physicality, our psychology and spirituality. But did you know, all of this philosophical ideologies are linked by a unique number, or numbers?

Even our forefathers, great ancestors and stellar mathematicians and thinkers from bygone eras like Plato, Galileo and Da Vinci, all looked to the stars and numbers in search of answers to the mysteries of the universe and the meaning of life.

Ancient philosophers often suggested there was a direct correlation between our birth date and the reason for our existence. These early numerologists believed the date was a message from the universe telling us our purpose and why we are here.

Even Pythagoras, the Ancient Greek Philosopher and mathematician, used numbers to help him understand the world and his place in it. His teachings on the topic proposed numbers were the essence of all things.

Jump to today, and the mystical traditions of card reading, tea-leaf reading, bone throwing, and number reading are relied upon by millions of people around the world, as a way of finding those answers and helping people find peace, happiness and purpose.

The idea behind contemporary numerology is that a person’s birth date is what helps define that person purpose.

Here’s how it works and how you can find your birth number:

Write down your birthday as in numbers only. For example, if your birthday was the 10th November 1980, then you would have your birthday written down as 10111980.

Then add all the numbers together, as so: 1+0+1+1+1+9+8+0 = 21

Then you add the 2+1 = 3

3 would then be your birth number.

What your birth number reveals about you:

Number 1 – Creativity and Confidence: You are here to bring positivity creativity into the world. This can be displayed through your career in the arts, such as writing, dancing, arts, crafts, music, painting, healing, construction and design. When one feels happy in their chosen path with this number, their energy fields open up, creating new ideas, joy and happiness. You will provide unique perceptions and style in life. If you are a 1, try and establish a good daily exercise routine to help you release any stagnant energy and clear way any negative thoughts.

Number 2 – Cooperation and Balance: Balance is key to your life if you are a number 2. You work well in team environments and work well with others. This is because you create harmony, balance and mutual support for others, which is essential in a team environment and when working with others. You are loyal, compassionate and caring, and a great listener. As a result, you would work well in a career which centres around helping and supporting others.

Number 3 – Expression and Sensitivity: Your purpose is to use emotional sensitivity to bring positive heartfelt, self-expression to the world. If 3s experience self-doubt, oversensitivity, and blocked creativity it can lead to them feeling anxious and depressed. You must always make sure you express your emotions with clarity and honesty to ensure you remain focused and thriving in life. You are a natural orator and communicator, who inspires, uplifts and motivates those around them.

Number 4 – Stability and Process: You require constant stability in life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, in order to remain strong and centered. Once you establish a solid foundation, you can succeed in an abundant way. You are ambitious, strong-willed, and excellent at at constructing significant businesses, building and even empires. Fours should consider addressing tasks with a step by step approach, developing patience, commitment and dedication.

Number 5 – Freedom and Discipline: If you are a 5, then inner freedom is paramount to your life ethos. Without it, you will find yourself feeling trapped in your own skin and unable to progress in life. The challenge of a number 5 is finding that freedom through discipline such as being a jack of all trades, to help create freedom without being tied down to one thing. You are quick-witted, vivacious individual, who inspires to attract everyone around them.

Number 6 – Vision and Acceptance: If you are a six, you will find perfectionism challenging. You tend to have specific ideals of yourself and of others, which makes you feel like you are struggling to accept who you are and who others are. But once you are able to trust the process, then you will appreciate yourself more and that of others as well. Most sixes are visionaries, and see the potential utopia we could all live in if we wanted to. Your ability to identify purpose within each aspect of humanity makes you an inspiring altruist.

Number 7 – Trust and Openness: Your contentment in the world comes from self-trust. When you start to trust your own feelings, thoughts and instincts you become very wise and knowledgeable. Sevens who feel safe and secure, are able to harness their abilities as a great spiritual teacher to others. To succeed, you must first diffuse sparks of distrust, learning to share openly your feelings without the fear of betrayal of doing that. Inner processing ins your strength when you can master how to do that.

Number 8 – Abundance and Power: Money, power, authority, control, and recognition are your vices. That means you need to spend a little extra time daily on these issues to help you achieve and excel in these areas. You are able to reconcile any feelings you have in these areas, and when you do, you are the most compassionate, kind, wise and friendly person in the world. You use abundance and influence to encourage change in individuals on a global level.

Number 9 – Integrity and Wisdom: You have the gift of knowledge. Nines have integrity and depth of knowledge to demonstrate leadership in its purist form – through example. Many spiritual leaders around the world are nines, and there is a reason for this. This is because they are charismatic, passionate, and dedicated to their cause. You like to know the opinions of others, and are able to listen to your inner guidance. You also have the unique ability to share that with others around you from a place of deep peace and wisdom.

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