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Scotland: Exploring the Famous Loch

We searched high and low, but came up dry and couldn’t find the Lochness Monster.

Perhaps it was hiding down deep beneath the murky dark water of the Loch, waiting for night. Never mind, we found an incredible old castle to explore instead.

The Loch itself is an absolutely stunning place. And super majestic to view upon very early in the morning, when the mist is hovering a few meters above the Loch. Creating a void of mystery and wonder.

Whether you’re travelling on the east side or the west side of the Loch, there is plenty to see and do. We chose to travel along the west side, purely because we found out there was a castle ruin located there, called Urquhart Castle. However, if castles aren’t your thing, there are plenty of waterside towns and forests to explore on both side of the Loch, which are equally as beautiful as anything.

I won’t talk too much about the Loch, as I would rather show you some beautiful photos we took there instead. Maybe If you look hard enough, you will see something we didn’t! Perhaps the Lochness Monster staring back out at you. Enjoy X.

Nope, no monster here!


Here comes the sun!


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