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Loro Parque Tenerife: Rated the Best Zoo in the World

Rated by Trip Advisor as the best zoo in the world, I took some time out from shopping in Tenerife to visit Loro Parque.

Otherwise known as Loro Parque; which is Spanish for Parrot Park, the zoo was first opened as a specialty aviary for many different bird species from across the globe on 17 December 1972. And now, situated on a whopping 13.5 hectares, it houses one of the most extensive and diverse reserve of animals and plant species, compared to many other zoos, in all the world. And their message is clear, to protect, rehabilitate and breed many endangered species from around the globe.

What an incredible experience. They have everything from Orcas to Penguins, rare white Lions and even Silverback Gorillas. And if you want to pay that little bit extra on entry, you will also get the option to have a personalised tour, which takes you behind the scenes. Here you get to see the Silverbacks feed, the Orcas chilling in their MASSIVE tanks, and even admire the bird breeding program; which includes watching the scientists in a special room examine, and care for little baby birds, which if course is absolutely adorable. They even take you down to the tanks, where all the water is filtered, stored, protected and monitored to ensure the each animal is in as natural environment as possible. Pretty amazing.


If you go, you definitely need a full day there, especially if you want to spend some time on the personlised tour, watch some shows, or even have that extra time to go hang in the Penguin exhibition; where it snows at certain times of the day and the sun dims at the right time of the day, in order to replicate the Antarctic climate for the penguins. Like I said before, pretty amazing.

If you’re travelling to Tenerife, I highly recommend, you take a day out of your schedule and spend a good day at the zoo.


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