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Floriade: Canberra’s Tulip Festival

Went to Canberra and took a frolic in the Tulips.

Every year Canberra hosts a beautiful display of coloured tulips.

It’s been on the to do list for many years. And with Canberra being only a short 3 hour drive away, my partner and I finally made the decision to stop making excuses and head to the Tulip Festival of Canberra called Floriade.

Held every year in the month of September to mark the beginning of Spring, the Tulip Festival is a must see for both adults and children alike, with a landscape painted with every colour of the rainbow. And not just tulips, poppies, pansies, even parsley is included in the intricate details of the beautifully designed patterns of flowers on show.

My only recommendation; we went to soon. We decided on the first weekend it opened, before school holidays, hoping the crowd would not be too big; which it wasn’t. However, this was far too soon, as a lot of the flowers were still in bud and hadn’t bloomed.

If you do decide to go, definitely plan for mid festival. By then the flowers would be blooming beautiful, as all the buds would have definitely opened by then.



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