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Driving Across Australia’s Nullabor Plains

We spent seven days travelling across the Nullabor Plains of Australia, from Sydney to Kalgoorlie.

It’s something my partner and I have umm’d and arrr’d about for a long time. So when the opportunity came around to finally take a drive across the country, we did. We set off on a seven day road trip, from Sydney to Kalgoorlie and crossed the Nullabor Plains.
Famously known as one of the longest stretches of straight road in the world, the Nullabor Plains is filled with forbidden secrets, that only a few who have dared to make the trip have discovered.
The Eyre Highway, the main road which runs straight through the plains, along the coastline of South Australia, and named after some guy called John Eyre who crossed the plains in 1841, is a total 1675km in length and takes around 2 days to cross. 4 days if you’re like us and prefer to take your time.
Whilst crossing the plains, I discovered Australia has one of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen; okay, so maybe I’m being bias. What at first seemed to be nothing but a simple road surrounded by dusty plains, turned out to be an incredible coastal road; like none I have ever seen before. Or maybe I just haven’t seen enough. The water along the coastline is a spectacular untouched blue of clean salty water and sands so white, the dunes look like snow.
I have had amazing opportunities so far in my life, where I have been able to explore many countries on this wonderful planet, and although each place I have seen holds their own unique wonder, Australia carries a very distinct soul, unlike any I have ever seen. Putting Australia in a category of amazing wonder, all on its own.
The inspiration behind the dream-time stories of our beautiful Aboriginal people comes alive in a place that stole my heart.
From start to finish, the secrets hidden along the desert road of the Nullabor Plains, will forever be in my thoughts and dreams.


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